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Bug#283233: base-config: Adding the first user to the "plugdev" group

Hi Joey!

Joey Hess [2004-11-29 12:59 -0500]:
> I don't want base-config to get in the business of creating groups, it's
> bad enough that the group addition code for the first user is in there.

I thought it already does?

> Since neither camera nor plugdev exists on a newly installed base
> system, I don't see how base-config can do this, unless it waits to add
> the user to the groups until after the desktop task, which presumably is
> where they are created, is run. 
> Unless you have a good way to do it that I'm not seeing?

In Ubuntu we just create the needed groups in base-config straight
away (lpadmin, plugdev, and scanner; we use plugdev for cameras as
well). Isn't that desirable for Debian? I know the technical
difference between static groups like sound and dynamic groups like
plugdev, however, from the user's POV there is not a really
fundamental difference between these concepts.

Creating the user after installing packages and only put it in groups
that exist by that time is not a really good solution since the user
might install packages after base-config (in fact that's what I always

Thanks and have a nice day!


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