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Re: announcing debian-installer release candidate 2

Paul Telford wrote:
> > * Experimental support for installing with the 2.6 kernel on the
> >   hppa architecture.
> How do I go about this?  I can't find any mention of it on d-boot, d-hppa,
> parisc-linux, or the website.  I assume it is some kind of boot option?

I think you found the 2.6 mini.iso. We need to see about adding 2.6
support to the larger isos, but I don't know if the hppa 2.6 support is
good enough yet to replace 2.4 with it, and AFAIK palo only supports
loading one (well 32 and 64 bit versions..) kernel from CD. If there's a
way to make palo give a menu to choose which one to boot, we could do

see shy jo

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