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Bug#283233: base-config: Adding the first user to the "plugdev" group

Martin Pitt wrote:
> Seconded :-)
> It should be noted that the first user should be put into group
> 'camera' as well.
> > I don't know whether this is possible at installation time; the group
> > probably needs to be also created at that time. 
> Sure. We do this in Ubuntu for quite some time now without any
> problems.
> Joey, do you think this change can go into Sarge? It's a very
> unintrusive one.

I don't want base-config to get in the business of creating groups, it's
bad enough that the group addition code for the first user is in there.

Since neither camera nor plugdev exists on a newly installed base
system, I don't see how base-config can do this, unless it waits to add
the user to the groups until after the desktop task, which presumably is
where they are created, is run. 

Unless you have a good way to do it that I'm not seeing?

see shy jo

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