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Bug#281530: [s390] Installation successful, some issues

reassign 281530 network-console
retitle 281530 Using network-console can lead to cdebconf db corruption
severity 281530 minor

The issues below are a summary of a problem signalled earlier in the BR 
with some additional comments after discussion on #d-boot.

General issue
There are several problems that can arise with regard to the cdebconf 
database if more than one debian-installer session is open.
It appears this has not yet been recognized up till now.

network-console, and maybe the main debian-installer process should take 
these potentian problems into account.
Either they should prevent switching from one process to another by making 
sure only one process is active at a time, or they should implement some 
kind of locking or synchronization mechanism.
At the very least network-console should warn about this issue, maybe by 
displaying an extra dialog from which the user can only exit to the menu 
(by using <go back>).

Specific issue
Currently, most users will leave the original console at the dialog where 
the SSH key is displayed. This means that the network-console process is 
not yet completed and any changes will not yet have been written to the 
cdebconf database.
This means that the database that is read when the user starts his 
installation session over SSH will not yet have the changes from 
network-console (is not up-to-date).

Also, at high priority, using <enter> from the last (SSH key) dialog on 
the original console should probably not result in the next installation 
step being executed automatically.

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