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Bug#281530: [s390] Installation successful, some issues

Frans Pop wrote:
> The fact that mirror/suite is unset, could well explain apt-config's 
> choose-mirror defaulting to sarge.
> And I know that debian-installer/kernel/commandline must have been set 
> correctly during 1st stage as my zipl.conf was set up correctly.
>    Name: debian-installer/main-menu
>    Template: debian-installer/main-menu
>    Value: Continue installation remotely using SSH
>    Owners: d-i
>    Variables: <deleted>
> This looks like the last menu item to be activated was "Continue 
> installation remotely using SSH"!
> This leads me to the conclusion that _not_ the cdebconf values from the 
> SSH session, but the values from the original console version got 'saved' 
> to /target and used during base-config.
> Conclusion is that it is very dangerous to leave two debian-installer 
> processes running at the same time!

IIRC the debconf database is saved to disk each time after main-menu
runs a menu item. So one way this could happen is if you went back to
the console and did something to make network-console "finish" just before
the install finished. Such as hitting enter (er, "..") at the note that
it displays after starting ssh.

But hmm, in prebaseconfig just before it saves the logs it also makes
sure to save the debconf db. So it'd seem you'd have to have done that
at the console in the window between 93save-install-log saving the db
and copying it to /target. Granted, this could be a fairly long window
in hercules. ;-) I may be missing some other way this could happen.

see shy jo

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