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Bug#281530: [s390] Installation successful, some issues

On Tuesday 16 November 2004 15:26, Frans Pop wrote:
> 3) Selected unstable in 1st stage, but testing was selected in 2nd
> stage During apt-config I selected http and the same mirror as in 1st
> stage. After that tasksel broke down because of dependency problems.
> Investigation showed that a source line for testing had been added in
> /etc/apt/sources.list. Not sure where this problem comes from.

I was not able to reproduce this, but I think I've worked out what has 

The clue is in the /var/log/debian-installer/cdebconf/questions.dat.
   Name: mirror/suite
   Template: mirror/suite
   Owners: d-i

   Name: debian-installer/kernel/commandline
   Template: debian-installer/kernel/commandline
   Owners: d-i

As you can see, these entries have NO VALUES!
The fact that mirror/suite is unset, could well explain apt-config's 
choose-mirror defaulting to sarge.
And I know that debian-installer/kernel/commandline must have been set 
correctly during 1st stage as my zipl.conf was set up correctly.

   Name: debian-installer/main-menu
   Template: debian-installer/main-menu
   Value: Continue installation remotely using SSH
   Owners: d-i
   Variables: <deleted>

This looks like the last menu item to be activated was "Continue 
installation remotely using SSH"!

This leads me to the conclusion that _not_ the cdebconf values from the 
SSH session, but the values from the original console version got 'saved' 
to /target and used during base-config.

Conclusion is that it is very dangerous to leave two debian-installer 
processes running at the same time!

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