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Bug#274536: Debian Installer Pre RC2 on PARISC

Peter Van Loock wrote:
> I used different cd's, one with only large files, one with only small files, 
> one mixed. It appears that copying 2 large (about 5 megabyte) files is not 
> possible, the second 'cp' hangs. When copying small files, sometimes hundreds 
> of files get copied, but eventually the command hangs.
> After mounting the cd, dmesg shows the usual message (iso9660 filesystem) and 
> after that nothing else is added.
> The driver for the cd is part of the kernel and not loaded as a module. In 
> fact, no modules at all are loaded.
> To confirm your suspicion about the kernel:
> I installed the 2.6.8 kernel and with that the problem no longer exists. Every 
> file gets copied successfully.

I'm reassiging this bug to the kernel, and I hope that someone can get
d-i working on hppa with a 2.6 kernel -- especially since it's supposed
to fix the slow fork() problem too..

Jeff, you made the linux-kernel-di-hppa-2.6 package, is there any hope
of getting usable d-i media based on that soon?

see shy jo

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