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Bug#274665: installation-reports: Installation report on Thinkpad X31

reassign 274665 os-prober
retitle 275665 Should detect IBM Thinkpad's recovery partition

> Everything went flawless.
> One possible enhancement: IBM Thinkpads do not have an installation CD for
> the included copy of Microsoft Windows; instead they ship a hidden partition
> with a recovery image. dmesg outputs this as a "Host Protected Area". It would
> ne nice if the installer could offer to use this space as well (it's a waste
> of 3.5 GBs). I haven't investigated yet how this could be done with parted
> or similar tools.

If you want to re-use the partition, you probably need to use some
custoim partitioning.

However, this leads me to suggest to os-prober to detect such
partitions and offer a boot loader menu entry for these....

No idea how could these partitions be recognized, though. If you still
have it, could you give more indications ?

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