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Re: Why isn't console-cyrillic part of console-data?

Anton Zinoviev написав:
> На 26 юли 2004 Eugeniy Meshcheryakov написа:
>>Anton Zinoviev написав:
>>>Another difference (that made console-cyrillyc the best choice for the
>>>Cyrillic languages) are the debconf questions during the installation.
>>Oops, now there is no such question for Serbian, Russian and Ukrainian :-)
> Oops! I decided to try the installer with Russian language. Which one of
> the following scenarios you like more:
For machines with AT keyboard  - first.

>    - console-cyrillic is configured with default settings during the
>      first stage
>    - it is activated during the base-config
No it is activated during boot. Termwrap also contains code that should
be remove after release (#250789)
>    - it is deactivated afterwards
Same bug in termwrap.
>    - after reboot it is activated permanently but not in the preferred
>      for the user way (I troubled which key to use as Cyr/Lat switcher)
As I can see from termwrap it is preferred way (ctrl_shift_toggle).

>    - console-cyrillic is not configured during the first stage
>    - during base-config jbterm is active (although this might be
>      console-tools like the Latin languages and Greek)
Termwrap has no settings for CP1251. See also #250789.
>    - during base-config the Cyrillic task is automatically selected and
>      console-cyrillic installed
cyrillic task contains console-cyrillic
>    - the user configures the keyboard as he or she wishes
one more step (or maybe 4?) in install process ;-). And this can be not
so intuitive for new users.
>    - after base-config jbterm and Cyrillic are deactivated
bug in termwrap
>    - after reboot the user has customized Cyrillic on the console
>>By the way, what do you think about bug #260227?
> The quick fix can be:
>   1. d-i doesn't feed console-cyrillic with default configuration
>   2. console-cyrillic allows the user to choose "don't touch the 
>      keyboard"
Is it possible to configure console font automatically and ask for
keymap in second stage?

> The best fix is to add support for non-i386 in console-cyrillic.  I can
> do this if there are testers.
This may be a problem for all supported architectures.
> By the way I observed the following bugs during second stage of the
> installer with Russian language:
> There was a message before the configuration of the base-system:
> cyr: Unknown option: -t
> cyr: Try `cyr --help for more information
> However for some unknown reason the Cyrillic setup worked. ;-)
This is known bug. Fixed in base-config.

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