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Re: Why isn't console-cyrillic part of console-data?

* Petter Reinholdtsen [2004-07-26 11:57:29+0200]
> It would be easier to get the console setup right during installation
> if all the console configuration stuff worked the same for all.
> console-cyrillic seem to be an exception.  Why isn't the content and
> behaviour of console-cyrillic merged into console-data/console-tools?

IMO, the current situation is not wrong, due to its cyrillic spefisic
content it is something that should be maintained seperately.  Instead
why doesn't exist a seperate package for the jfbterm consoles (i.e.
console-jfb)?  That way we won't need to handle the console display with
termwrap and just add an 'jfb' entry to languagelist, then do the stuff
for it in languagechooser/prebaseconfig (just as done for kbd and cyr
consoledisplay types).  Indeed, I'm preparing a new proposal for this
issue (considered for Sarge+1) and will convert it to a wishlist bug
report when it is finished.


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