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Re: Pre-seeding XFree settings for keyboard in Debian Installer

On Τετ 30 Ιουν 2004 00:39, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> Not sure if it is a good idea to hardcode in the names of debian
> releases like that.  The package should work also after sarge is
> released, and a new version is being developed.

There is no reason why it should not work, after all, I can just add a 
new option for the next release. Right now, I keep a map with 
possible values in debian_version and corresponding script folders, 
like that:

my %supported_versions = ( 'woody'  => { FOLDER => 'woody' },
                           'sarge'   => { FOLDER => 'sarge' },
                           'testing/unstable' => { FOLDER => 'sarge' }

if in the future we have another release, we could just add one more 
entry. Of course if it's a matter of the folder names, sure I could 
change these.

> > It will read the /etc/debian_version and accordingly run the
> > appropriate scripts from the correct directory.
> This do not work.  We tried collecting that info in
> popularity-contest, and it is often changed in unpredictable ways. 
> We have been unable to find a sure way to detect which
> version/codename of debian is installed.

unpredictable ways? I don't really understand what you mean. It *is* 
there for a reason, if it is not actually usable, then we might just 
as well, drop it! :-)

> > In the meantime, since the current ispell configuration is
> > debconf-based, I will make one extra script for sarge
> > ispell.preinst.
> Sounds good to get this written. :)

Yup, too bad that aspell has no such support... I'll tell you when I 
have something to test...

> > Also, now that I think about it, there is a new infrastructure
> > for dictionaries, dictionaries-common that configures the
> > appropriate ispell dictionary from a list. So perhaps I should
> > just pre-seed dictionaries-common instead?
> I do not know how this work.

Well, from what little I've seen, it appears that dictionaries-common 
is supposed to configure ispell itself. So if we pre-seed 
dictionaries-common... :-)


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