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Re: Pre-seeding XFree settings for keyboard in Debian Installer

[Konstantinos Margaritis]
> Ok, here is what i have now:
> conffiles.d/:
> sarge  woody

Not sure if it is a good idea to hardcode in the names of debian
releases like that.  The package should work also after sarge is
released, and a new version is being developed.

> It will read the /etc/debian_version and accordingly run the
> appropriate scripts from the correct directory.

This do not work.  We tried collecting that info in
popularity-contest, and it is often changed in unpredictable ways.  We
have been unable to find a sure way to detect which version/codename
of debian is installed.

I'm not sure how it is best to handle this, but suspect the scripts
need to change behaviour depending on the version of packages
installed, not depending on the debian codename being used.

> In the meantime, since the current ispell configuration is
> debconf-based, I will make one extra script for sarge
> ispell.preinst.

Sounds good to get this written. :)

> Also, now that I think about it, there is a new infrastructure for
> dictionaries, dictionaries-common that configures the appropriate
> ispell dictionary from a list. So perhaps I should just pre-seed
> dictionaries-common instead?

I do not know how this work.

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