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Re: Pre-seeding XFree settings for keyboard in Debian Installer

[Konstantinos Margaritis]
> There is no reason why it should not work, after all, I can just add
> a new option for the next release.

Well, sure, you can keep adding new options all the time, but it will
be a maintenence problem keeping it correct and up to date.

> unpredictable ways? I don't really understand what you mean. It *is*
> there for a reason, if it is not actually usable, then we might just
> as well, drop it! :-)

The content in that file is free text, and collecting it in popcon
showed 10-15 different values.  Most of them would be hard to map to
the proper script.  We gave up collecting and using the information
after seeing how different the values actually were.

Yes, we might just as well dropp it.

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