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Bug#247108: Error Report

On 13.V.2004 at 02:47 (+0200) Mathias Niepert wrote:
> _and_ there's no empty, unformatted space left on it, it's
> _impossible_ to see and change the partitions in the installer
> menu.

Which menu do you mean?  A menu with two choices ("Gesamtes
Laufwerk..." and "Partitionstabelle von Hand eingeben") or a menu
containing your existing partitions and actions like "Partitionierung
beenden", "Hilfe zur Partitionierung", "Logical Volume Manager
konfigurieren", etc.?

> So I deleted the old-linux partition out of XP. After restarting the
> installer, I was able to see the freed space on IDE1 and all the
> other partitions as well.

If you mean the first of these menus, then intentionaly there is no
possibility to delete/overwrite partitions as this seams dangerous.
But if you mean the second menu, then this must be some unknown
problem as there is a possibility to delete/edit existing partitions
in this menu.  If you mean the second menu and you can repeat the
installation, pleas send us /var/log/partman, as this could help us to
find the source of the problem.

Thanks again for your report.

Anton Zinoviev

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