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Bug#247108: Error Report

Thanks for your installation report.

On  3.V.2004 at 12:31 (+0200) Mathias Niepert wrote:
> Everything worked fine until I came to the partitions hard drives menu. I
> had already partitioned my HD (40GB into 10,10,10,10) before I started the
> Installer, but in the Partition menu, these partitions didn't appear. Only
> the IDE1 was detected. Since I have different running Operatingsystems on
> the other Partitions, I can't erase the Table of this HD.

Do you know if parted recognises the partition table of your disk.
(Try the command "parted" if you already have Linux on this computer.)
If parted recognises the partition table, then could you repeat the
installation and send us the file /var/log/partman?

Anton Zinoviev

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