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Bug#248800: installer beta 4 installation report (mbr damaged, grub misdetection, cannot boot from rescue disk)

On Thu, 2004-05-13 at 15:46 +0100, Martin Michlmayr wrote:
> * Adam Lydick <lydickaw@ruffledpenguin.org> [2004-05-12 21:32]:
> > Partitioning -- Not really an error, but I found it difficult to
> > "discover" how to create a swap partition. It would be easier to
> > find if the actions available were all shown in a list.
> Yes, someone else mentioned this recently.  There is a menu which
> says:
>   - format this partition
>   - use it as swap
>   - use it as LVM
>   ....
> I think most people have the assmumption that "swap" is in the "format
> this partition" item and don't read the rest.  I think in addition to
> showing "use it as swap", I would put "swap" in the "format this
> partition" list along with other filesystems.

That sounds good to me. Can fdisk be exposed in an "expert mode"? I miss

> > I have never tried multibooting with XP and linux before. This is probably a very
> Well, with the fixed errata item, when you install GRUB it will have
> options for both XP and Linux.


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