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Bug#248399: dhcp-found dns servers not placed in resolv.conf after default install

On Tue, 2004-05-11 at 20:43, Scott Webster wrote:
> I likely selected the Broadband task in tasksel.  I may have dhcpcd
> installed.  I can't check now unfortunately, as the box is at home,
> and apparently the dynamic IP has changed.  If I remember correctly,
> it is installed, and presumably it would be if it's in the same task
> as resolvconf.  Nevertheless, dhclient is being run, presumably by
> ifup?

I presume.

> How does ifup choose which dhcp program to run? Or am I offtrack here?

It looks for DHCP clients in the following order:


I just installed dhcpcd 1:1.3.22pl4-10 and dpkg -s reports:

    Conflicts: dhcpcd-sv, dhcp-client

so I don't see how you could have both dhcpcd and dhcp-client
(or any other DHCP client that Provides dhcp-client) installed.

When one installs tasks does tasksel knock out uninstallable items
from the list and proceed?  If so then that would explain how you 
ended up with resolvconf but not dhcpcd.

I really should make resolvconf Conflict with dhcp-client
(<= 3.0.1betaRC4-1) until such time as resolvconf support is added
to dhcp-client.  This is a bug in the resolvconf package.  However,
the question remains: Should I add this Conflict or should I work
toward getting resolvconf support into dhcp-client?  If debootstrap
is going to start installing dhcp3-client then I'll do the former.
If not then I'll do the latter, provided the maintainers of 
dhcp-client agree to apply a patch.
Thomas Hood

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