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Bug#248504: installation report

clone 248504 -1
reassign -1 locales
retitle -1 generating locaes: Should say whether if you have to select one
severity -1 wishlist

* Matthew Chalmers <chewie@roverme.org> [2004-05-11 10:39]:
> 1. did not use expert mode but would have liked to have been able to
> cancel/quit/abort the package managers like taskel and/or go back to
> the menu and choose another, before debian tries to install
> packages.

Choose another what?  Can you elaborate?  Do you mean that after using
taskel, it should not proceed automatically but first ask if you want
to run any of the other selections tools, such as aptitude?

> 2. had a lot of problems finding a mirror that didn't error out on
> package requests over http through proxy.  would be nice to mark the
> ones in the list that are "certified" by debian to be up-to-date and
> stable.

I thought this would work with all mirrors...

> 3. had a lot of connectivity problems with security.debian.org.

... are you sure you didn't have connectivity problems yourself?
I haven't heard of any big problems with security.d.o recently.

> 4. the locale generation dialog should state whether you MUST choose
> at least one locale.

Cloning wishlist request and sending to the locales package.
Martin Michlmayr

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