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Bug#248399: dhcp-found dns servers not placed in resolv.conf after default install

> I just installed dhcpcd 1:1.3.22pl4-10 and dpkg -s reports:
>     Conflicts: dhcpcd-sv, dhcp-client
> so I don't see how you could have both dhcpcd and dhcp-client
> (or any other DHCP client that Provides dhcp-client) installed.

You're right, dhcpcd is not installed.  I have dhcp-client 2.0pl5-16.1

> When one installs tasks does tasksel knock out uninstallable items
> from the list and proceed?  If so then that would explain how you 
> ended up with resolvconf but not dhcpcd.

Dunno, the huge apt-get command flew by with no prompting (probably a
good thing).  I haven't really investigated how tasksel calls apt-get.

Actually, I thought resolvconf only got installed by the unstable
version of tasksel (1.51); I just checked and I have 1.50 (testing)
installed here.  Now I'm not even sure where resolvconf came from. I
am 100% sure I did not install resolvconf directly, and 99% sure I did
not install anything that depended on it after the initial install (I
checked my bash_history for root, and I think it actually contains
every command I've used on this install).  It's possible that one of
the packages installed by one of the tasks I selected depends on it,
however, "dpkg --no-act -r resolvconf" just says it would remove it,
no errors based on dependencies.

FYI, I think I chose the following tasks: basic-desktop, broadband, c-dev,
desktop, java-dev, kernel-compile, office, print-server, python-dev,
science, tex, unix-server, lsb.

Re: Matt's comment about how this doesn't affect everyone using dhcp,
for instance, him:

Sorry, my question wasn't really properly phrased... I guess I just
want to know who this would affect... you don't use resolvconf, but it
got installed on my system through the installer and
base-config/tasksel somehow, and I chose only "normal" options
throughout the process.  I had thought it came from tasksel
(broadband) and that dhcpcd didn't get installed because it conflicted
with dhcp-client or something, but that isn't clear to me anymore.  I
don't suppose d-i/base-config uses tasksel 1.51 somehow but installs

If it turns out that resolvconf just got on my system "randomly" then
I guess just making it conflict with dhcp-client would be enough
here, but I'm almost positive that this is some kind of default
currently.  The other email from Stefan seems to show at least someone
else with the same problem.


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