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Bug#248399: dhcp-found dns servers not placed in resolv.conf after default install

On Tue, May 11, 2004 at 08:07:00PM +0200, Thomas Hood wrote:

> Is resolvconf installed by default?  If so then it's news to me.
> (I knew that resolvconf was installed as part of the Broadband
> and Dialup tasks; however Broadband includes dhcpcd and that does
> work with resolvconf.)

I likely selected the Broadband task in tasksel.  I may have dhcpcd
installed.  I can't check now unfortunately, as the box is at home,
and apparently the dynamic IP has changed.  If I remember correctly,
it is installed, and presumably it would be if it's in the same task
as resolvconf.  Nevertheless, dhclient is being run, presumably by

How does ifup choose which dhcp program to run? Or am I offtrack here?


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