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Re: Software RAID support

On 10.V.2004 at 17:57 (+0100) Martin Michlmayr wrote:
> Hmm, maybe the libparted patch for LVM2 devices should be reverted

No, it fixes a bug in libparted.

> and they be created by hand? 

If there is some need to do this it is possible.  The script
init.d/parted from the package partman can be changed to accept only
devices having the form /dev/ide/* or /dev/scsi/*.  Actually in the
very first version of partman (it was not in the CVS) this script
filtered the other devices and accepted only IDE and SCSI.  I don't
remember why later I decided to allow other devices but for LVM this
works (for now).

> Or libparted fixed to show MD devices, I guess.

Even if we don't need to do this, it would fix in my opinion a bug in

Anton Zinoviev

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