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Re: Software RAID support

On 10.V.2004 at 17:46 (+0200) Paul Fleischer wrote:
> Anton, could you explain how the lvm devices are added in the /v/l/p/devices 
> directory? It looks like being part of the core partman system, but I can't 
> really figure out what it is. Whatever it is, shouldn't it be picking up 
> md-devices too?

The script init.d/parted from package parted creates them.  The only
difference between LVM and MD is that the short program parted_devices
(which Marthin has quoted) lists the LVM devices but doesn't list the
MD devices.  You have two choices: 1. see why parted_devices doesn't
work for MD (the bug is somewhere either in libparted or in the
kernel) or 2. use a script mk-devices as you do now.

I was surprised when I saw for first time in an installation report
that partman recognised the LVM devices -- this was before the package
partman-lvm was created.  I intended to create the device directories
for LVM in the same way you do in partman-md but libparted did this
part of the work for me.

Anton Zinoviev

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