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Re: Software RAID support

On  7.V.2004 at 00:48 (+0100) Martin Michlmayr wrote:
> Ok, /lib/partman/initd.d/35dump hangs.
> /lib/partman/init.d/35dump: IN: DUMP =dev=md=0
> parted_server: Read command: DUMP
> parted_server: The device =dev=md=0 is not opened.
> parted_server: Line 1087. CRITICAL ERROR!!!  EXITING.
> So after I remove /dev/md/0, /var/lib/partman/devices/=dev=md=0 still
> exists and 35dump doesn't like this.  Who has to remove this
> directory?  I looked in partman-lvm for reference, but couldn't find
> anything.  Anton?

This is a bug that didn't exist in beta3...

I think I will be able to commit a fix after no more than a couple of hours.

Anton Zinoviev

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