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Re: [l10n] Changes to languagechooser

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On Monday 10 May 2004 07:26, Christian Perrier wrote:
> The English names coloumn may appear unneeded.
> [cut]
> The "locale" (fr, pt_BR, ...) name disappeared, but it may be re-added
> if needed. The sorting is done against it

What do you mean? It seems to me the languagelist is sorted based on the 
English names, not the locale. Looks OK to me.

However, the sort order of the list in keyboard-chooser still defies all 
logic. This really needs to be improved! Currently it is almost impossible to 
find the correct keyboard layout in the list.

> The principle is : "one translation, one entry". So, there are two
> entries for Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese is separated from
> Portuguese, the two Norwegian flavours are there.....but there's only
> one line for French, Spanish....and English.

I like this. A much cleaner list. Much easier to find what you want.

> One drawback is losing the "one-key" America-centric way to install
> by choosing the default-->with the most usual choices, people will
> have to go into the countrychooser screen anyway.

I mostly choose English for language and Netherlands for country for my 
installations. I really didn't like to always have to skip out of the America 
list anyway. I'm glad it's gone.

> http://people.debian.org/~bubulle/new_languagechooser.iso
> I encourage people and more specially translators to test this image.
> debconf-get debian-installer/language
> debconf-get debian-installer/country
> debconf-get debian-installer/locale
I also checked debconf-get debian-installer/keymap.

Here are the results for English/Netherlands and Dutch/Netherlands tests.
The problem is, I don't know if the values are correct or not :-(

Choosing 'English / Netherlands / American English' gives:
debian-installer/language   en_NL:en   (is this a valid option???)
debian-installer/country    NL
debian-installer/locale     en
debian-installer/keymap     us

I think maybe the locale should be set to 'en_US' as I chose the American 
English keymap (or else the locale 'en' should be properly supported; see 

Choosing 'Dutch / Netherlands / Dutch' gives:
debian-installer/language   nl_NL:nl:en_GB:en   (surely this is not valid!)
debian-installer/country    NL
debian-installer/locale     nl_NL
debian-installer/keymap     nl

Wishlist item:
I'd really like to see a shortlist of keymaps based on the country that has 
been chosen. For the Netherlands this should be 'American English' (default, 
see also #246725), 'Dutch' and an 'other' option.
I guess this would not be trivial as such a list would probably also have to 
be architecture dependent...

Hope this helps.

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