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Re: [l10n] Changes to languagechooser

Quoting Frans Pop (aragorn@tiscali.nl):

> Choosing 'English / Netherlands / American English' gives:
> debian-installer/language   en_NL:en   (is this a valid option???)

Yes, this is valid. The second entry is used as a fallback

> Choosing 'Dutch / Netherlands / Dutch' gives:
> debian-installer/language   nl_NL:nl:en_GB:en   (surely this is not valid!)

This *is* valid...:-)

"language" is indeed a list of language variants, some of which may
correspond to invalid locales (such as en_NL) but at least one being

It it *not* used for setting the locale and *not* for setting the LANG
variable. The purpose of this value os giving a list of preferred

For instance, the Ukrainian entry gives "uk:ru:en" which means that
the user prefers Ukrainian, but accepts fallbak to Russian if
Ukrainian is not available and English if both aren't available...

Indeed, you got exactly the same in beta4...:-)

The locale is set by the debian-installer/locale debconf value. That
one needs to be a valid locale.

> Wishlist item:
> I'd really like to see a shortlist of keymaps based on the country that has 
> been chosen. For the Netherlands this should be 'American English' (default, 
> see also #246725), 'Dutch' and an 'other' option.
> I guess this would not be trivial as such a list would probably also have to 
> be architecture dependent...

No, certainly not trivial.

The problem of the kbd-chooser list is first its sorting. It is sorted
according to the keymap file name. As debconf/cdebconf do *not* sort
the translated lists, this explains why the list seems completely

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