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[l10n] Changes to languagechooser

Following some sub-threads of the giant crossposted thread in -devel
and -boot about the Taiwan issue, I made some changes to

These changes are not related to the Taiwan issue, they are driven by
some remarks several people made when the method currently used for
choosing language/"country" is described.

The method we had until then, though it has several advantages, is
somewhat really confusing. Having several entries for some languages
(in order to choose language and country with one keystroke) makes the
language/country process complicated to handle.....and the
languagechooser screen too dense and confusing.

There have also been several remarks about the "Choose this to proceed
in...." sentence which makes the navigation through the screen quite
difficult. For instance, choosing between Bulgarian, Russian and
Ukrainian is reall not trivial (Nikolai explained this).

For all these reasons, I have commited changes to languagechooser
which make its screen appear as follows:

 Your choice of language also affects the default locale, location
 and keyboard layout.

Choose a language:

Albanian      - Albanian
English       - English
French        - Français
Italian       - Italiano

and so on....

The English names coloumn may appear unneeded.

Several translated names are either wrongly spelled or completely
missing currently. This is because I tried to isolate them in
languagelist.l10n for languages I can read....but I failed for some,

The "locale" (fr, pt_BR, ...) name disappeared, but it may be re-added
if needed. The sorting is done against it

The principle is : "one translation, one entry". So, there are two
entries for Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese is separated from
Portuguese, the two Norwegian flavours are there.....but there's only
one line for French, Spanish....and English.

One drawback is losing the "one-key" America-centric way to install
by choosing the default-->with the most usual choices, people will
have to go into the countrychooser screen anyway.

I have put a mini.iso image available at:


I encourage people and more specially translators to test this image. 

Choose each and every language/country combination you can, go through
the keyboard selection screen, then switch to 2nd console, activate it
and get the following variables:

debconf-get debian-installer/language
debconf-get debian-installer/country
debconf-get debian-installer/locale

Please report any inconsistency you may find....

Otherwise, please comment. I know some of you won't like this because
we had one keystroke to the install process, but I deeply hope the
benefits (simplification) will weight more than the drawbacks.

PS : the changes have been conservative. I have kept in languagelist
and languagelist.l10n the old entries we had in case it finally
appears these changes are not pertinent.

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