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Bug#248055: debian-installer installs compressed kernel that yaboot can't boot; has /proc problem


> kernel-image-2.4.25-powerpc-pmac appears to be on CD 9 (!).

If I boot the install CD, chroot into /target and get networking set
up, and apt-get install the above package, the system is able to boot.

The system remains half-set-up (e.g. networking was unconfigured and I
did it by hand), but getting closer.

I'm happy to keep reinstalling this machine for another week or two
with new release CDs.  Eventually the person who it's for will want a
working machine (!) and I'll have to jerry-rig whatever isn't working
on the install CD by then.  But meanwhile we can work a bunch of bugs
out of the install process on Macintoshes.


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