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deadkeys... Re: Bug#248206: BETA4 beginner installation


> About the dead keys problem, I suggest that the default german
> keyboard does not mention "keine Tottasten" at all....after all if usually
> the default doesn't have dead keys, with mention this?). I even did
> not find a "Deutsch mit Tottasten" flavour, anyway....

I use "nodeadkeys" in my XF86config(-4) ever since I use X with german 
keyboards... What are these dead keys good for and where are they found/used 
anyway ? Ok, http://wauug.erols.com/~balsa/linux/deadkeys/ got some answers,
I think it would a good idea to explain in the installation manual what 
deadkeys are ?!

I think "deadkeys" should not be translated, "firewire" won't be translated as 
well ;-)

> The french keyboard always uses dead keys by default and we indeed
> never mention this....

If a user selects german settings and has a a german keyboard deadkeys should 
not be selected by default. If a user selects german settings and has no 
german keyboard, he should be prompted whether she wants deadkeys.


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