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Bug#248206: BETA4 beginner installation

>   Umlauts were not correctly displayed at the beginning when choosing
>   the keyboard and he was confused by "Tottasten". Those
>   "Tottasten"/deadkeys are still confusing people. I don't know how we
>   can solve this. Maybe add a note?

This umlaute problem comes from inconsistency between console-data and
kbd-chooser translations encodings. Currently, in both copies in SVN,
the de.po file uses UTF-8 and is really UTF-8. So, the problem should
go away with further releases....

This should be documented in kbd-chooser templates, imho....

About the dead keys problem, I suggest that the default german
keyboard does not mention "keine Tottasten" at all....after all if usually
the default doesn't have dead keys, with mention this?). I even did
not find a "Deutsch mit Tottasten" flavour, anyway....

The french keyboard always uses dead keys by default and we indeed
never mention this....

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