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Bug#248261: Problem in hppa.xml

Package: debian-installer-manual

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Subject: Problem in hppa.xml
Date: Monday 10 May 2004 03:52
From: "Bruno Barrera C." <bruno.barrera@igloo.cl>
To: debian-boot@lists.debian.org


"installer/doc/manual/en/partitioning/partition/hppa.xml" I found this:

"This is where the boot loader and an optional kernel
and RAMdisk will be stored, so make it big enough for that -- at least
4Mb (I like 8-16Mb).  An additional requirement of the firmware is that
the Linux kernel must reside within the first 2GB of the disk.  This
is typically achieved by making the root ext2 partition fit entirely
within the first 2GB of the disk. Alternatively you can create a small
ext2 partition near the start of the disk and mount that on..."

Really this needs to be an ext2 partition? Isn't an anachronism
about when the debian kernels didn't use initrd to load the driver
of the filesystem, required to mount the root filesystem?



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