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Re: Software RAID support

* tbm <tbm@cyrius.com> [2004-05-04 18:44]:
> > As I am not sure how to go about it, I have no plans. But I am
> > very interrested in getting them uploaded, so that we can get a
> > larger testing base. 
> I can upload the packages for you if you want.

Okay, I looked at the packages this evening.  It didn't work at all
because of some changes in the debconf templates, but I fixed that.  I
made some minor enhancements, and have now uploaded the packages
(partman-md and mdcfg).  It works for me, thanks!

Some comments:

1. Maybe it should error out immediately if there are < 2 raid partitions.

2. When some partitions have been used for raid, they should probably
   vanish from the menu... at the moment, this doesn't happen:
             >      #6 logical    4.9 GB     ext3             #            
             >      #7 logical    4.9 GB   f raid                         
             >      #8 logical    4.9 GB   f raid                         
             >      #9 logical    5.2 GB     ext2                         
             IDE1 slave - 2.0 GB WDC AC22000L                             
             /dev/md/0 - 0.0 B Software RAID device                       
             >      #1   4.9 GB   f ext3       /home                      

   The problem is that I can still change #7 and #8 (which are part of
   my RAID)... obviously changing the partitions when they are part of
   the RAID is evil... so they should not be shown, but when the RAID
   is removed, they should appear again.  I have no idea how to do
   that.  Anton?

3. In main-menu, an entry for mdcfg is shown:
               Partition disks                                   
               Configure MD devices                              
   This should not happen... I'm not sure why this is... maybe because
   XB-installer-menu-item is 45 rather than 44.

4. After creating a RAID device, I can choose to format it, make swap
   or leave it alone.  However, it should also be possible to make
   a LVM on top of it.  Anton, how can we do that?  I know it's
   related to VALID_FLAGS, but I have no idea how that works.

5. After removing a MD, and going to the remove MD option again, there
   is now an empty entry... and when I go back to partman, it hangs.
   Something's wrong here.

Martin Michlmayr

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