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Re: Software RAID support

Martin Michlmayr wrote:
> 3. In main-menu, an entry for mdcfg is shown:
>                Partition disks                                   
>                Configure MD devices                              
>    This should not happen... I'm not sure why this is... maybe because
>    XB-installer-menu-item is 45 rather than 44.

Any menu item number will make the package appear on the menu. It is,
however, optional priority, so if noting depends on it, it will not be
loaded at all. The way this works with lvm which I understand the md
stuff copies is that lvmcfg is not loaded by default, and is not needed
with partman; lvmcfg-utils is but does not appear on the menu, and
partman-lvm is, and adds it to partman.

Of course if you force lvmcfg or mdcfg into your initrd, you'll still
get it on the menu.

see shy jo

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