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Re: Software RAID support

* Paul Fleischer <proguy@proguy.dk> [2004-05-04 19:35]:
> As I am not sure how to go about it, I have no plans. But I am very 
> interrested in getting them uploaded, so that we can get a larger testing 
> base. 

I can upload the packages for you if you want.

> 1) Neither the grub nor the lilo installer can handle md-devices it at all. 
> They fail miserably when both /boot and / partitions are md-devices. 

Well, this surely is only a problem for md on root.  You can have a
RAID1 on other devices, though.  Also, I thought LILO could boot from

> 3) There is no official mdadm-udeb package as of now. A patch has been sent to 
> bug #243609 ("a udeb would be nice"), but has not yet been applied.

The udeb is in the archive now.
Martin Michlmayr

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