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Re: Software RAID support

On  5.V.2004 at 04:03 (+0100) Martin Michlmayr wrote:
>    The problem is that I can still change #7 and #8 (which are part of
>    my RAID)... obviously changing the partitions when they are part of
>    the RAID is evil...

The problem is that you can still change any partition in this device.
While the kernel uses some partition in a device for RAID it is unable
to reread the partition table so partman should disallow changes.  The
same problem stays with LVM.  The kernel is unable to reread the
partition table and whild the debconf priority is high the user won't
even see a warning about this.

> so they should not be shown, but when the RAID
> is removed, they should appear again.  I have no idea how to do
> that.  Anton?

There is already some code in parted_server.c to keep track about the
changes but it is still used only to avoid writting unchanged
partition tables.  I don't know when I will work on this because I am
still systematizing the bugs of partman and making my plan.

> 3. In main-menu, an entry for mdcfg is shown:
>                Partition disks                                   
>                Configure MD devices                              
>    This should not happen... I'm not sure why this is... maybe because
>    XB-installer-menu-item is 45 rather than 44.

lvmcfg was split.  partman-lvm depends on lvmcfg-utils but not on
lvmcfg and the menu item is added by lmvcfg (for use with partconf).

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