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Re: Who do you have to sleep with / bribe / shoot to get an answer about RAID support

On Fri, Apr 09, 2004 at 05:52:11PM -0700, Mark Demma wrote:
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> OK its good to finally hear from someone, even if it is bad news.  
> Unfortunately I have neither the money more programming skills to make 

Well, you clearly are not poor money less student, and furthermore, to
start helping out on debian-installer work, there is no advanced
programming skill needed, often nothing beyond some shell script or
Makefile knowledge, the needed hardware to make it work, and some time
to devote to it, which is hardly out of your grasp.

> this happen on my own.  Its a shame that something this important is 
> being left out and ignored.  It is maddening that releases get held up 
> forever to get things working on those Amigas, old world macs and other 
> machines that should be in a museum or junk pile, while important 
> critical features for a modern installer get ignored.

Well, i happen to care about those, since i am the powerpc kernel
maintainer, and need some of that stuff to run on _my_ hardware, and
doing the extra step needed to get it working on apus or oldwolrd is not
all that huge, so i searched for people with oldwolrd pmac to help

Now, i only have one disk per machine, and furthermore, i somehow fail
to see the benefit of doing software raid. What do you gain over a
single disk setup, or a true hardware raid setup ? Do you gain in disk
access speed ? Or do you really need huge contigous disk space ?

> For Debian to be taken seriously, not just something hobbyists play 
> with, some one needs to pay attention to stuff like this.

Thanks for volunteering :)


Sven Luther

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