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Who do you have to sleep with / bribe / shoot to get an answer about RAID support

Sorry to be a pest, but will SOMEONE PLEASE give status / make bloody sure that software RAID support is FINALLY in Debian ... what 3 years after all the other distro's have it? You know its lovely that so much work is going into "old world mac" floppies, making sure you can install Debian off the tape drive on that Sinclair you dusted off from the attic, etc etc, but for those of us trying to use Debian on, gasp, brand new machines with, gasp brand new SCSI controllers and gasp, raid controllers and software RAID to support thousands of people, you can set your hair on fire and no one will say boo. Please, for gods sake, everything is there! I'll help test, I have over 50 machines running Debian with software RAID!

Mark Demma
iWin, Inc.
Senior Network and Systems Administrator


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