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Re: Who do you have to sleep with / bribe / shoot to get an answer about RAID support

Mark Demma wrote:
> Sorry to be a pest, but will SOMEONE PLEASE give status / make bloody 
> sure that software RAID support is FINALLY in Debian ... what 3 years 
> after all the other distro's have it?

I don't know of anyone working on software raid support in d-i right
now. It would be nice, I agree. The only way you can ensure that it
happens, though, is to do it yourself, or hire someone to do it.
Otherwise, you're at the mercy of someone else deciding/finding the time
to do it.

> work is going into "old world mac" floppies, making sure you can 
> install Debian off the tape drive on that Sinclair you dusted off from 
> the attic, etc etc, but for those of us trying to use Debian on, gasp, 
> brand new machines with, gasp brand new SCSI controllers and gasp, raid 
> controllers

This is a matter of people working on what they feel they should work

d-i will support hardware RAID.

see shy jo

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