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Re: Who do you have to sleep with / bribe / shoot to get an answer about RAID support

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OK its good to finally hear from someone, even if it is bad news. Unfortunately I have neither the money more programming skills to make this happen on my own. Its a shame that something this important is being left out and ignored. It is maddening that releases get held up forever to get things working on those Amigas, old world macs and other machines that should be in a museum or junk pile, while important critical features for a modern installer get ignored.

For Debian to be taken seriously, not just something hobbyists play with, some one needs to pay attention to stuff like this.

Mark Demma
iWin, Inc.
Senior Network and Systems Administrator


On 9 Apr 2004, at 17:36, Joey Hess wrote:

Mark Demma wrote:
Sorry to be a pest, but will SOMEONE PLEASE give status / make bloody
sure that software RAID support is FINALLY in Debian ... what 3 years
after all the other distro's have it?

I don't know of anyone working on software raid support in d-i right
now. It would be nice, I agree. The only way you can ensure that it
happens, though, is to do it yourself, or hire someone to do it.
Otherwise, you're at the mercy of someone else deciding/finding the time
to do it.

work is going into "old world mac" floppies, making sure you can
install Debian off the tape drive on that Sinclair you dusted off from
the attic, etc etc, but for those of us trying to use Debian on, gasp,
brand new machines with, gasp brand new SCSI controllers and gasp, raid

This is a matter of people working on what they feel they should work

d-i will support hardware RAID.

see shy jo
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