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Re: Who do you have to sleep with / bribe / shoot to get an answer about RAID support

Quoting Mark Demma (mark@iwin.com):

> this happen on my own.  Its a shame that something this important is 

No it is not a "shame". I maybe overreact because I'm not a native
speaker but calling this a "shame" as
we call this in french "c'est une honte" is needlessly aggressive,
especially to people who are currently doing other work on Debian
Installer even for getting it install on that old Sinclair.

You may regret this, for sure. But, well, this is the way Debian works
for years : things are done when someone has enough interest AND
skills AND time for doing them.

So, sorry to say this, but if software RAID is that important for you
that the world should stop if you don't have it....make all your
possible for finding someone to do it.

*this* is definitely the way Debian works.

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