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Re: RFC: discover 1 -> 2 transition plan for Debian

What about uploading both discover1 and the new discover (2) to
experimental today, to get it into the NEW queue and on the todo list
for the ftp-masters?  This way we know the packages are cleared by the
ftp-masters when we upload the packages into unstable.

These are the package names including changes, if I got it right:

  type   old name              new name           delta
  source discover           -> discover1          (NEW)
  binary discover           -> discover1          (NEW)
  binary libdiscover1          libdiscover1       (unchanged)
  binary libdiscover-dev    -> libdiscover1-dev   (NEW)
  binary libdiscover1-pic      libdiscover1-pic   (unchanged)
  binary discover-udeb         discover-udeb      (unchanged)

  source discover-data      -> discover1-data     (NEW)
  binary discover-data      -> discover1-data     (NEW)
  binary dicsover-data-udeb    discover-data-udeb (unchanged)

  source discover2          -> discover           (changed, new name existed)
  binary                       discover           (new source)
  binary                       libdiscover2       (NEW)
  binary                       libdiscover-dev    (new source)
  binary discover2-udeb        discover2-udeb     (unchanged)

  source discover2-data     -> discover-data      (changed, new name exited)
  binary                       discover-data      (new source)
  binary discover-data-udeb    discover-data-udeb (unchanged)

I'm not sure how confused the ftp-masters will be when they see the
new packages, so I think we should get the new packages into the NEW
queue as soon as possible.

Should the priorities of the new packages change?

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