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Re: RFC: discover 1 -> 2 transition plan for Debian

[Gaudenz Steinlin]
> This is Ok with me. I will be busy with real life until 4/15. I
> really hope I find more time to work on d-i and discover afterwards.

I look forward to your return. :)

> IIRC Branden agreed to an NMU by the debian-boot Team of discover2
> if Progeny does not upload it. Ian Murduck then replied that he will
> upload soon, but this has not happend since then. According to him
> the maintainer of discover2 should be set to
> discover-workers@lists.progeny.com.

I guess Ian is waiting for the discover 1 rename, as it isn't useful
to upload discover 2 before discover 1 is out of the way. :)

Looking at the subversion repository, I suspect there are some patches
missing compared to the packages in the debian archive.  Do you known
if this is true?

> Yes, I think we agreed on this plan.

Good.  I am executing it then.  I'll start by updating the alioth CVS,
and ask for people to review the changes.  When this is done, I'll
upload a new version and wait for the ftp-masters to do their thing.
When the new discover1 package is in the archive, it should be safe to
upload discover2 into unstable.

> Why do you want to rename the files? I would simply put a
> "Conflicts: discover (>= 2)" into the discover1 package. You
> probably won't install them both on the same system.

Because I had this strange idea that it should be possible to install
both on the same system.  After trying to do the change, I discovered
that this was probably a complete waste of time, and decided to do the
conflicts trick instead. :)

> I would rename it to discover1-data. (leaving discover-data-udeb as
> it is).

Yes.  And forget the renaming of files. :)

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