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Re: RFC: discover 1 -> 2 transition plan for Debian

[Gaudenz Steinlin]
> As I and David are going to take over the maintainership of discover
> 1.5 we are interested in fixing the transition plan now.

If I understood you and David correctly, you wanted to go ahead with
the transition, but did not have time to do it yourself.  I'm looking
into doing this now.  Please object soon if I misunderstood anything.

If I remember correctly, we agreed on a variant of alternative 1:

> 1. Alternative:
> This is basically branden's proposal, see this mail[1] for more details
> a) rename discover to discover1
> b) upload discover 2 as discover (with all the debs and udebs)
> c) drop discover1 when discover (2) provides all the features we need
> and works well

We rename discover to discover1, but keep the name of the udeb
(discover-udeb).  We upload discover 2 as discover, but peek the name
of the udeb (discover2-udeb).  At least the first upload will need to
get past the ftp-masters NEW queue.  Not sure how it work when a new
package take over some of the pakcage names of an old package.

I'm looking into the rename from discover to discover1.  It require
quite a few file renames to make sure the binary, manual pages and
maintainer scripts are correct.  I hope I find them all.

I'm not sure how discover-data should be handled yet.

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