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Re: RFC: discover 1 -> 2 transition plan for Debian

[David Nusinow]
> Why the conflicts at all? If the discover2 package is providing the
> discover package (>=2) then it should simply replace the old discover
> package. Same for discover-data. discover-data and discover versions
> would matter of course, but I don't understand why this couldn't be
> solved just by depends. Could someone clue me in?

The current discover package contain the same files as the new
discover1 package.  They can not be installed at the same time.  I'm
not sure about the >=2 stuff.  As for discover1 vs discover2, I
suspect at least the discover2-data package to contain some of the
same files as discover1-data.  One of the discover2 packages contain
the /etc/discover.conf file, so we need a conflict there as well.

I suspect all this will be weeded out when we start testing. :)

> Ok, I think renaming it to discover1 and discover1-data is probably
> best still, just because these are being relegated to udebs and
> nothing more at this point. I think it's pretty safe to totally
> replace their debs in sid.

Yes, I will rename the packages, but leave the files and directories
in the packages as they are.

The point with the changes it to replace the 'discover' debs in sid
with discover version 2.  The udebs stay the same, so debian-installer
should not be affected by the move.

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