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Re: Test ISO for a possible languagechooser/countrychooser scheme (was: Countrychooser changes)

Christian Perrier wrote:
> When languagechooser/language is xx alone (type 1 or type 3 with
> "Other"), the short country list is first shown. This short list
> allows to choose "Other" again for getting the whole world country list
> With this scheme, users with "high" priority will have only one screen
> most of the time.
> Users who aren't in the "top" countries for languages will several
> countries (en_CA, en_IE, es_AG, es_VE....fr_CH, all Arabic users) will
> get two screens.
> Only users who want strange combinations AND who choose medium
> priority will get THREE screens.
> A 5Mb ISO image of this scheme is available at
> http://people.debian.org/~bubulle/languagechooser_countrychooser-bubulle.iso

I tried this, and it seems better to me. I'd be happy with this, with a
few minor tweaks.

The languagechooser list is indeed, long, but not much longer than it
was already, and it was easy to jump to different language groups with
a keypress.

> (moreover, countrychooser code is a bit spaghetti code and WILL need cleaning!)

FWIW, I have an uncommitted version that fixes the back button and some
other stuff. I'll merge it with whatever is finally committed.

see shy jo

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