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Countrychooser changes

I modified countrychooser in CVS:

The new version may be tested live on 5Mb ISO's I have put on
http://people.debian.org/~bubulle/ (on with the current
languagechooser, another one with languagechooser_ng).

The new version now first shows the user the list of the countries for
which a valid locale exists in /usr/share/i18n/SUPPORTED, depending on
the language chosen in languagechooser.

If one of these countries is selected, both the
debian-installer/country AND debian-installer/locale are changed

This menu also offer an "Others" choice. By selecting it, the user is
presented with the full world country list and may choose any of

However in this latter case, the locale *is not changed* and it thus
remains with the default value from languagechooser.

In both cases, the country value may further be used for choosing:
-keyboard layout
-mirror location

This change works with either the current languagechooser or the
languagechooser_ng branch.

In the first case, the country choice is mandatory. In the latter, we
could add a mechanism for skipping it if the user selected a
language/country combination in languagechooser.

Advantages: -we really offer all possible, supported locales AND we
             assure that debian-installer/locale will be a valid
	    -we preserve the future with an increasing number of
             supported locales, an increasing mirror number and so on
            -we remain both technically and politically correct

Issues    : -for locales, this currently does not deal with charset
             selection. A locale is or may be a combination of
             language, country and character set
            -this change needed to embark a stripped SUPPORTED file
             taken from the locales package at build time. Relying on
             the real /usr/share/i18n/SUPPORTED file would be nicer
             but would need to have it on the boot floppy, provided
             by a dedicated udeb. This would eat 5kb while the
             embarked version only eats 1434bytes
	    -the short country list is never translated as this is
             a debconf template which includes a variable built
             on the file by grepping the SUPPORTED file
	    -issues with non Brazilian Portuguese

Please review the new code and make some cleaning, as usual : all of
you now know I'm not a good coder, even in shell script..:-)

Joey proposed a few days ago another mechanism for all this, with an
intermediate menu coming immediately after languagechooser and showing
something like this ;

Based on your language selection, the following settings have been
chosen. Please change them as needed

Country: English             [Change]
Keyboard: US English         [Change]
Timezone: US Eastern         [Change]

Go with these settings

This scheme still could apply with my modified countrychooser by
calling it if "Change" is selected for Country.

However, I'm unable to implement this myself.... 


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