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Test ISO for a possible languagechooser/countrychooser scheme (was: Countrychooser changes)

Quoting Christian Perrier (bubulle@debian.org):

> > 1. Most users would choose their language and country together in language
> >    chooser, and proceed with the install immediatly.
> > 2. Some users would choose their language with no country ("other") in
> >    language chooser, and get a big list of countries to choose from. They
> >    would select a country, and the locale would be set to something that
> >    is, at worst, not too far off, and supported.
> > 3. Users in expert mode would get to choose a language, then a country,
> >    and finally, would have the option to fine-tune their locale in yet
> >    another screen.
> > 4. Customised or automated installs would be able to pre-seed the
> >    language, country, and locale as is appropriate for their target
> >    audience.
> In 2. we could have the short screen I propose. It would cover the
> vast majority of cases remaining after 1 and would be easier to use,
> imho.

I have tried to implement this.

1. In languagechooser, we have 3 types of languages:

   1) languages without "obvious" country
     - Arabic
   2) languages with only one "obvious" country
     - Albanian
     - Bulgarian
     - .../...
   3) languages with more than one "obvious" country
     - Chinese
     - English
     - French
     - German
     - Italian
     - Portuguese
     - Russian
     - Spanish
     - Swedish
  Languages of type 1 will set languagechooser/language to xx (language code)
  and no country at all
  No "other" entry

  Languages of type 2 will set languagechooser/language to xx_YY
  no "other" entry

  Languages of type 3 will set languagechooser/language to xx_YY
  except when the "Other countries" entry is selected

2. In countrychooser

When languagechooser/language is xx_YY, the country choice is skipped,
except when priority is medium or lower. Then the full world country
list will be shown

When languagechooser/language is xx alone (type 1 or type 3 with
"Other"), the short country list is first shown. This short list
allows to choose "Other" again for getting the whole world country list

With this scheme, users with "high" priority will have only one screen
most of the time.

Users who aren't in the "top" countries for languages will several
countries (en_CA, en_IE, es_AG, es_VE....fr_CH, all Arabic users) will
get two screens.

Only users who want strange combinations AND who choose medium
priority will get THREE screens.

A 5Mb ISO image of this scheme is available at

I didn't commit the corresponding changes to languagechooser and
countrychooser (languagechooser changes are langualist.*
reorganisation only)...as I prefer having some feedback from this test

(moreover, countrychooser code is a bit spaghetti code and WILL need cleaning!)

Please test it with whatever language/country combination coming to
your mind.

When you come at the keyboard selection screen, please swith to 2nd
console and get:

debconf-get debian-installer/language
debconf-get debian-installer/country
debconf-get debian-installer/locale

Please test at both HIGH and MEDIUM priority....

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