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Re: Install Report - Failure to detect SCSI Adaptec AIC-7892a

	I was / am using the daily builds here:


I just download the kernel and initrd as I am using pxelinux to boot everything off the network. Are these images no longer maintained / fixed?


Joey Hess wrote:
Erik Dykema wrote:

I have been testing the daily builds almost every weekday since at least december, so far progress has continued to the point where i can get almost all the way through the installer :) However in the past few days the installer has failed to detect the scsi card in my machine, which seems to be a big step backwards. It's a Dell PowerApp Web 100 1U server. The installer stops on the 'Partition Hard Disk' step, and won't go any further. I have checked dmesg and the usual lines where it picks up on the scsi controller are gone.

Which set of daily builds are you using? There are two sets of CD
images, as explained on our website, the set that uses the version of
d-i in testing, and the set that uses the version of d-i in unstable.
The former is liklely to be broken right now, but I hope that the latter
will work. Make sure the url you download the CD image from has
"sid_d-i" in it.

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