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Re: Testing cdebootstrap and debootstrap

Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> Why is slang1 installed?

Possibly because tasksel used to link to it.

> Why are both ipchains and iptables installed?

Not sure, maybe bug #134478 would say, but I'm offline.

> Why is gettext-base installed if nothing depend on it?

base-config uses it for i18n.

> Why is syslinux installed at all?

It's especially weird because of these entries from debootstrap's

  * Remove syslinux from base (Closes: #107447)

  * remove some packages from Woody's base that aren't needed:
      - syslinux (Closes: Bug#107477)

> Why isn't mbr listed?  Lot of > strange results here...

By default, deborphan does not list packages that are of important or
higher priority. mbr is required priority.

see shy jo

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