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Re: Testing cdebootstrap and debootstrap

[Petter Reinholdtsen]
> The following 55 packages was not installed by cdebootstrap, but
> installed by debootstrap:

As a check, I installed deborphan in the debootstrap chroot, and
looked at the output from 'deborphan -a', to find out which packages
in the chroot that nothing depend on.  This is the complete list.

  main/admin               at
  main/admin               pciutils
  main/base                base-config
  main/base                fdutils
  main/base                gettext-base
  main/base                ipchains
  main/base                modconf
  main/base                pppconfig
  main/base                setserial
  main/base                slang1
  main/base                tasksel
  main/devel               gcc-3.2-base
  main/doc                 info
  main/doc                 manpages
  main/editors             ed
  main/editors             nano
  main/editors             nvi
  main/mail                exim4
  main/net                 iptables
  main/net                 pppoeconf
  main/net                 telnet
  main/utils               cpio
  main/utils               syslinux

Of these, gcc-3.2-base is an obvious candidate for removal, and I've
submitted a request to BTS.

Why is slang1 installed?  Why are both ipchains and iptables
installed?  Why is gettext-base installed if nothing depend on it?
Why is syslinux installed at all?  Why isn't mbr listed?  Lot of
strange results here...

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