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Re: Comments on Beta 2

Timothy M. Spear wrote:
> 		1. If possible, add a rescue option to the standard CD. The rescue option
> should have all sorts of useful utilities, like fdisk, vi, emacs.... I had
> to use my RedHat CDs to perform this function (I wanted to create more than
> four partitions that cfdisk would allow during the install process).

We're a small team, and pretty focused on making installation work as
well as possible. I would love to see a rescue system included on the
debian CDs, but perhaps a third party system, or something built from
Debian itself would be the way to go, and this is probably not the right
group to do it.

> 		2. The tasksel program is very nice to install a group of packages, but I
> can think of a few small enhancements. First, is to generate the package
> list as script and save it. This would allow the user to tweak it, before
> running it. Secondly, there should be a remove option, to uninstall all
> packages of the selected group.

If you go into aptitude, you can remove a whole task by selecting the
task and hitting '-'.

see shy jo

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